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Week 23: Wall Sits

Updated: May 19

For the month of November, we have selected snowboarding specific exercises that will help build strength and endurance to help you last from first tracks to last chair this season 🏂🏻

Exercise: Wall Sits

Purpose: To build capacity of time under tension for the legs and core in a double leg squat with wall assistance

What It Targets: Loading of primarily the Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Hip Flexors (Iliacus, Psoas Major/Minor), Gluteus Maximus, and Core (Transverse Abdominis, Internal and External Obliques, Rectus Abdominis); Co-contraction of the posterior lower leg muscles (Gastroc/Soleus) and anterior lower leg muscles (Anterior Tibialis, Extensor Digitorum);


  1. Stand with your back against the wall and feet shoulder width apart and legs parallel

  2. Walk your feet out about 1 foot from the wall

  3. Lower your back down towards the floor, aiming for 90 degrees of knee and hip flexion

  4. Hold for as long as prescribed, shooting for 30-60 seconds

  5. Press evenly through your heels, midfoot, and ball of your feet as you return to standing

  6. Repeat as prescribed

Main Cues:

  • You should feel muscle burn primarily in the quads

  • Keep your feet, shins and thighs parallel throughout the entire exercise. Be mindful of your knees wanting to collapse inward

  • Maintain even pressure throughout the heels and balls of feet

  • Hold for as long as you can!

Common Compensations/Adverse Effects:

  • Anterior Knee Pain

Correction: Walk your feet out further from the wall until pain is no longer felt - this decreases the degree of torque on the anterior knee; Come up higher on the wall to decrease the degree of knee flexion until pain is no longer felt

  • The exercise is too easy and you’re not feeling the burn

Correction: Progress to a single leg wall sit!

  • Low back pain

Correction: Tuck your pelvis so more of your low back is making contact with the wall - this usually activates the core and provides more support for the spine. If it hurts more, try an anterior tilt/increase in low back arch until you find a comfortable position for your low back

  • Gripping of the toes

Correction: Focus on bearing weight through the heels and balls of your feet; Lift your toes up towards the ceiling to avoid gripping

Why We Love It:

  • Builds endurance of primarily the quads that is crucial on the slopes

  • Builds tolerance to time under tension at mid range knee flexion

  • Loads the leg muscles with less orthopedic cost on the joints, especially the knees

  • You don’t need any equipment for this and can perform it virtually anywhere!

*Disclaimer: Not all exercises are suitable for everyone, and participation in novel activities may increase the risk of adverse effects such as pain, soreness, or injury. Please consult with your Physician or a local Physical Therapist prior to attempting any exercise you feel uncomfortable performing. If adverse reactions occur, discontinue performance of the exercise and consult your physician or trusted clinician for evaluation.

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