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Week 12: Seated Wall Supported Reach

Updated: May 19

Purpose: To correct anterior rib flare of the lower ribs using activation of the deep core, and to expand the posterior mediastinum cavity using directed inhalation to the mid back. This allows efficient air (and thus oxygen) exchange and proper 360 expansion of the ribcage during breathing

What It Targets: Proper and full descension of the Diaphragm during inhalation, and ascension during exhalation; Activation of the Deep Core: Transverse Abdominis, Internal Obliques; Expansion of the Posterior Mediastinum Cavity


  1. Sit on the floor with your mid back up against the wall

  2. Bend your knees and place feet flat on the floor and parallel to each other

  3. Lift your arms up so they are parallel to each other and to the floor

  4. Inhale through your nose while focusing on directing the air into your mid back rather than the front lower ribs

  5. Exhale long and slow through your mouth as you reach your arms forward, maintaining parallel to the floor

  6. Maintain the reached position throughout the next inhale

  7. Repeat for 4-5 breaths

Main Cues:

  • Try to keep your front lower ribs pinned downward throughout the whole exercise

  • Maintain your mid back on the wall throughout the whole exercise

  • Envision filling your mid back up with air as you inhale

  • Get every morsel of air out of your lungs are you exhale

Common Compensations/Adverse Effects:

  • Excessive tension in neck and shoulders

Correction: Breathe in less intensely; Exhale as if fogging up a window

  • Inability to keep front lower ribs pinned downward

Correction: Breathe in less intensely with the focus of directing the air to your mid back

  • Excessive slouching

Correction: Maintain the height of your spine; Do not reach forward as far

Why We Love It:

  • Puts the body in a position that forces airflow into the mid back

  • Allows for proper 360 degree expansion into the ribcage rather than emphasizing the lower front rib strategy that most people use

  • Allows for proper firing of the deep core, and coordinating that firing with more efficient breathing mechanics

  • Promotes stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system

*Disclaimer: Not all exercises are suitable for everyone, and participation in novel activities may increase the risk of adverse effects such as pain, soreness, or injury. Please consult with your Physician or a local Physical Therapist prior to attempting any exercise you feel uncomfortable performing. If adverse reactions occur, discontinue performance of the exercise and consult your physician or trusted clinician for evaluation.

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