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Providing tools to help you move better and more confidently in all aspects of life


Treatment table in our physical therapy and massage therapy clinic in Burlington

At Keep It Moving Physical Therapy & Wellness in Burlington, MA, our mission is to meet you wherever you are on the injury/performance spectrum and to provide you with hands on treatment and guidance necessary to get you to the next level. We view every patient as a whole being with interconnected and interdependent systems. We investigate deeper into your unique individual composition to provide the missing link in your recovery. 


We understand that recovery is not always linear, and there can be ups and downs along the way. We also know it is important to stay the course if your end goal is meaningful to you. Given our combined experience in the fields of Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy, we believe a well-rounded treatment approach requires hands on interventions from start to finish.


We identify and treat mechanical restrictions locally and globally, and integrate the new mobility into the whole system right there in the moment. We utilize both passive massage therapy and active patient participation with manual and non-manual treatment in our Burlington clinic to achieve the most optimal results.


We provide corrective exercise programs specific to your body's unique needs to create adaptive changes necessary to optimize your performance and achieve your goals. We also believe in repetition to make lasting tissue change, and that working on your unique body’s specific needs at home is an essential part of progressing you to the next level. We understand the value of time and provide exercises that are optimal to your recovery.


If you're in the Burlington area and this sounds like the treatment approach you have been looking for, we know we will be a great fit. 



"I’ve been to see Megan twice and both times she treats exactly what’s bothering me. I came to her with back pain from deadlifting and by the time I left the appointment, she had fixed my back pain! As a person who trains for strongman and powerlifting, I am so grateful I found Megan! Burlington is lucky to have her!"



"I have suffered from vascular insufficiency and severe lymphedema from the knees down for almost 30 years, worsening with age over time. Britt’s expertise in this therapy has been truly life changing for me. I got to the point where I was having so much difficulty and pain with walking up and down stairs, that I thought I would no longer be able to live in my home. My husband of 13 years had never before seen my legs NOT swollen. Soon after I started MLD therapy with Britt, he and I were both amazed at the incredible progress Britt's work had made on my condition, and are both so grateful for her! As if all of that weren't enough, Britt is a wonderful person with a good heart, great bedside manner, and exudes true caring for her patients."

Neck Massage


"Cannot recommend this practice more highly! The massage I received from Megan was extremely thoughtful, responsive to my needs and left me completely pain free the following day. It was unlike any other massage I’ve ever had in the best way. Megan actively listened to me talk about my history prior and tailored an experience that perfectly attended to my needs. The environment is clean and relaxing. Megan and Britt’s knowledge is unmatched, they are true experts in their field. They will give you tools and tips to support you in building and maintaining a healthy, pain free body."

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