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Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy 

Improving, restoring, and enhance pelvic health and well-being

Doctor of Physical Therapy explaining evaluation findings to patient, specifically pelvic and hip dysfunction during physical therapy evaluation
Providing hands on cuing to educate patient on proper core engagement and teaching core control during physical therapy treatment
Physical Therapist Assistant providing manual cuing to proper shoulder engagement during shoulder stabilization and resistance training exercises in physical therapy treatment

What is Pelvic Floor PT?

Pelvic floor physical therapists are trained to assess and treat conditions related to the pelvic floor, such as pelvic pain, urinary or fecal incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, painful intercourse, and prenatal or postpartum issues. We use a combination of techniques including manual therapy, exercises, biofeedback, and education to help patients improve muscle strength, coordination, and function of the pelvic floor

How does it work?

Treatment plans are individualized based on the patient's specific symptoms and goals, and may include exercises to strengthen or relax the pelvic floor muscles, techniques to improve posture and body mechanics, strategies for bladder and bowel management, and education on lifestyle modifications. The goal of pelvic floor physical therapy is to alleviate symptoms, improve quality of life, and promote overall pelvic health.

Who's it for?

Everyone! Women, Men, Prenatal and Postnatal People. Overall, pelvic floor physical therapy offers a taiilored approach to addressing pelvic floor dysfunction, focusing on improving symptoms, restoring function, and enhancing overall pelvic health and well-being.

How do I get started?

  • Book a FREE 15-Minute Discovery Call to see if we're the right fit

  • Schedule an Evaluation to set the plan in motion!

Wanna get more specific?

Physical Therapy Evaluation 

For recurrent orthopedic issues, we recommend Physical Therapy. We perform a thorough evaluation to understand your unique system, and save time for necessary treatment on day 1. Evaluation consists of obtaining a detailed history of your pain symptoms and movement dysfunctions, followed by a thorough examination of posture, functional movement patterns, range of motion, joint mobility, muscle length, static and dynamic strength, and motor control. Special tests will also be utilized when necessary to aid in obtaining an accurate diagnosis. An individualized plan of care tailored towards your specific needs will be provided based on the results of the examination. This plan will include suggestions for frequency of visits, and you will be taught necessary corrective exercises to be performed at home to augment your progress. Treatment will be provided during your initial evaluation. All evaluations will be administered by Britt and Khaleela, both a Licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy.


A hands-on treatment session that focuses on improving dysfunctions and mobility limitations identified during your initial evaluation. Treatment techniques include a combination of soft tissue mobilization, Dry Needling, functional joint mobilization and manual stretching followed by neuromuscular re-education with the overarching goal of teaching you to control the newly gained range of motion. You are then guided through performance of functional exercises specifically chosen to integrate the new mobility into your unique system. Corrective exercises comprising your home exercise program will be progressed during follow up visits to ensure progress is being made. Frequency of visits will depend on your individualized plan of care designed to maximize outcomes and achieve your personal goals as quickly as possible. Follow-up treatments will be administered by both Britt and Megan. 

Physical Therapy Follow Up


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