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Professional Stationary Bike Fitting

At Keep It Moving, your Bike Fitting is performed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Our goal is to find the optimal position for YOU on YOUR bike. If you’re riding through discomfort caused by previous injuries or movement abnormalities, we can help! Sometimes it’s the smallest changes that make the most profound differences. Better alignment is sometimes the difference of millimeters, but it’s those millimeters that move you toward better alignment, reduce stress on the body and increase performance. 

Get your in-home stationary bike dialed in! A professional bike fitting can make all the difference in the quality of your ride.

Get Dialed In

Professional In-Home Stationary Bike Fitting

$250 Per Person
Additional $100 Flat Rate Travel Fee within 0-10 miles 
Additional $50 per additional 30 minutes of travel time

Professional In-Clinic Road/Mountain Bike Fitting Coming Soon!

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